Ok, so it's been a while since I made a review, so here goes.

The third album by The Beatles, A Hard Day's Night, was released alongside the movie of the same name. The movie is fairly decent, but the album is complete garbage. So awful I can't even rate it. Let's get into why, shall we?

First off, I feel like this album lacks any sort of Beatlesy goodness that was in the album before. This album is also completely dominated by John. He may be my favorite Beatle, but you get really, really tired of him, especially on side two. And the songs make no sense. They're all too similar. I'll get into the songs now.

A Hard Day's Night is an instantly recognizable, overrated, overplayed, Beatles song. Nothing impressive here, really. Because the song starts off with a chord it's famous? No. The words are meaningless and this song is awful.

But it gets worse. I Should have Known Better is horrible! Awful harmonica, and more of John Lennon, singing with himself. Ew.

Next is If I fell. A slower song. This song, once again, is a lot about John. Yes Paul is there too, but it's John mainly. It's basically about John wanting to love someone...meaningless. The voices and guitars don't sound good here either.

I'm Happy just to Dance with you is a George track. Apparently, George likes dancing. Weird. I don't get the point of this song at all! It doesn't sound good at all. Yuck.

And I love Her. Finally Paul gets a chance here. A little slower pace. I almost liked this song but the guitar parts are so easy and not impressive at all.

Tell Me Why is one of those very annoying songs...Ew. Oh, and guess what. It's John again. Just terrible!

Can't buy Me Love, is in my opinion, Paul's attempt to make an annoying song, and he succeeded. And I think Ringo's drums are very distracting in this track.

Guess who sings the next one? Yes John in Anytime at All. Except he couldn't hit high notes, so Paul has to fill in in a part of the chorus. The lyrics here are horrible. And they really didn't think we'd notice the voice diffefence between John and Paul? Wow.

I'll Cry Instead may be my least favorite track here. John (of course) is just being random. In this song he's basically saying he's too lazy and stubborn to do stuff, so he'll cry. Idiot.

Things We Said Today is Paul trying to reflect on something in the future...ahh..confusing. Also boring and a little ugh...ew. Just don't.

When I get Home is bad too. John Lennon cannot sing here. At all. Lousy lousy song and it sounds too similar to I'll Cry Instead.

You Can't Do That is John trying to be bossy. It's a fail AWFUL. Annoying cowbell and dumb guitar and John equals bad song.

The final song, I'll Be Back, is junk. Too short, too weird. John Lennon sings it (of course) And once again, lyrics are meaningless, useless, junk.

That's about it. Face it, this is probably The Beatles worst album. DO NOT GET IT.