381px-Jimmy Hotz - Beyond The Crystal Sea

Any music collector with an extensive appreciation of music is asked, "What is the greatest Christian progressive rock album?" Their reply is readily, either, Beyond The Crystal Sea by Jimmy Hotz or Warrior by Arkangel (which is produced by Jimmy Hotz). I have a fairly large music collection for my age, and this is one of many gems in my collection. I do not own Warrior (as of yet) by Arkangel, and don't get me wrong, I love Warrior. But as far as Christian progressive rock goes, this album is easily the best. Progressive rock all around, I am not quite sure. But this album does rank in the top 3 of all progressive rock. This album was originally recorded independently, so the quality (even remastered), is not the best. But still very good for an independent release. Any Yes, Pink Floyd, or Genesis fan will enjoy this album immensely.


"Observations of a Larger Reality: A. March Of The Dead Souls, B. Hand of the Most High"

This song is the greatest (in my opinion, of course) on the album. 8 minutes that keep you captivated every second. The first time I put this baby in the CD player, it blew me away. This one song was worth all the money I payed for it, let alone the whole album. With its banshee choirs, dark synthesizers, and unusually well played guitar work. Awesome lyrics, awesome music. This song is a whole package deal.

"Night Passage"

This is not exactly a song, but just 2 minutes of noise...Filler, perhaps. It's supposed to sound like a starship moving.

"The Vision Ship"

This song, as well, is awesome. A beautiful song. This one is not quite as heavy as "Observations", but leaves more of a soothing effect. Great synths, again.


A cool instrumental piece, sort of heavy. Very awesome.

"Beyond The Blues"

Another sort of mellow one. Beautiful piece with acoustic guitars and, yes, more synth.

"Alpine Magic"

Arkangel's Kemper Crabb joins Jimmy on this one. An instrumental song with acoustic guitar and Kemper's stunning recorder playing. This song is very reflective and sort of eerie.

"From Love, Life Began"

A wonderful end. Not dark, yet not mellow. Rather joyful. Jimmy never ceases to amaze me. His great singing, guitar playing, and synthesizer work.

So, yes, absolutely a wonderful album all around! I persuade you to buy this album! And especially from his site. He needs support. He is also an inventor. And invents MIDI translators. You can see his demos on YouTube. Ciao.

-ÂØˇÂ⁄⁄ 21:39, June 4, 2012 (UTC)