All right. Led Zeppelin IV. This album, at least in my opinion, is amazing!!! It's perfect. 5 starz from me. I'll go song by song and tell you why this album is so epic.

The album with starts off with one of Led Zeppelin's classics: Black Dog. Epic riff. Instanly recognizable. Same with the next track, Rock and Roll. Both Zeppelin classics and both very amazing.

The Battle of Evermore. It has a mandolin!!! Who knew Jimmy Page could play mandolin? Love the mandolin part, and the overall feel to the song. Really cool.

Really? Do I have to go into how amazing this song is? Stairway to Heaven. It's like the most popular Zeppelin song ever. If you don't know anything about them, you've still heard this song. It starts of nice and slow, and the guitar part seems rather easy, (though really very nice). Then the song changes tempo a bit, then later, drums kick in, and then...WOW!!! Super epic amazing Jimmy Page solo! I adore this solo. It's so cool! And did I mention it's over eight minutes long? Eight minutes of pure awesomeness.

If you have the record, flip over to side two. If not, just read on.

Side Two opens with an amazing song: Misty Mountain Hop. A great opener to the second half of the album. Everything about has a good feeling. You know it's good when you hear the intro. I don't really know what to say though, I just love it a lot. Just listen to it.

The next track is Four Sticks. This song was played with four drumsticks actually, hence the name. This song is pretty cool, I like it. Nice riffs and John Bonham does great with his four sticks :P Seriously though, great on the drums. Next up, one of Zeppelin's slower tracks, Going To California. It's a great one. I like Robert Plant's job on this one and the guitar is really nice.

The album closes with a rather long track, but a very very good one. When The Levee Breaks. This is a reworking of a very old song, but Led Zeppelin has made it great. My favorite part? The harmonica. This is a very cool song.

So that's it for this album. Every song is a masterpiece. If you don't have this album, get it now! It's some of Zeppelin's finest works. And I don't hesitate to give it a perfect rating of five stars.