Two Lights
was released in the USA on August 1, 2006. Searching my memory, I believe I was in possession of this album since at least 2007. It wasn't until I played it for my mom early last year (2011) did I actually hear it at all. Since it is played very frequently in my home, I can give an honest review.

Overall ReviewEdit

Having listened to two of FforF's previous albums (America Town & The Battle for Everything), I appreciate John Ondrasik's style of music, which ranges from rock to easy listening to alternative. In his songs, he gets his message out, although personally I cannot always understand it outright. He has great talent, and has never failed in the past to me. This album is no exception.

Favorite TracksEdit

The tracks I like are arguably the more alternative/rock ones, because they "rock out" at times. They are:

3. California Justice

6. '65 Mustang

8. Policeman's Xmas Party


4.5/5 - Nicely done, Mr. Ondrasik